MYOB Training Workbook

MYOB Training Workbook

Our MYOB Day-to-Day workbook contains set-by-step exercises which occur for most businesses which sell products and services. The Case Study we use is a Business Grade VoIP reseller who purchases VoIP handsets from an Australian wholesale distributor and sells them (along with their installation and configuration services to retail customers).

We delve into the setting up of inventory items and the item invoice layout, using the sales and purchasing modules to keep track of the money the company owes as well as the money owing to them. It includes part payments and we use the banking modules to perform bank deposits of all the payments we’ve received.


We try to make our workbooks simple and easy to follow with big images and simple exercises and we’re confident you’ll learn just by going through the workbook. If you do like it, please tell your friend or anyone else who needs to learn and feel free to pass it onto them. We’d also love to hear your feedback and especially stories about how your new found skills helped you get a job or some work as an independent contractor or a bookkeeper.

There are references in the workbook to the videos at our online MYOB training course so if you prefer to watch someone teaching you how to use the software as well as have a workbook with exercises, make sure you visit our online learning website and enrol into our online MYOB Bookkeeping Training Courses.

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